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Techlusion Fuel Injection Control Module


The Fuel Injection Module Anyone Can Use And Anyone Can Afford

The TFi was designed and developed to provide an affordable solution to increasing the “fun factor” or ride ability of your motorcycle. With today’s pollution regulations, many if not all of today’s motorcycles are setup extremely lean to meet these regulations. Unfortunately they are not always the best setup for performance or ride ability. Therefore, adjusting the air fuel ration on these machines is essential to achieve optimum performance and ride ability.

This is especially true when adding aftermarket performance products such as exhaust systems and air induction kits. The TFi Fuel module is completely adjustable allowing you to maximize horsepower, improve throttle response and eliminate backfire problems associated with installing aftermarket exhaust systems. TFi is different from other systems on the market in its method of adjustability by dealing directly with the fuel injection signal after it leaves the Factory ECU.

Eliminates the need for expensive Factory Re-Mapping

Increases Horsepower

Improves Throttle Response

 Eliminates Backfire

Completely Adjustable/Tunable

It adjusts your fuel requirements without tricking sensors or modifying the factory settings, which can limit the ECU’s effectiveness at compensating for changing atmospheric conditions.

Finally, an easy and affordable way to adjust your fuel injection system to accommodate modifications to your motorcycle’s exhaust system, air cleaner, or engine components. The TFi is load based. Aside from reading throttle position and R.P.M., the TFi also takes into account the load the engine is under. Even though you may encounter the same throttle positions at the same R.P.M.s in different riding situations, the engine’s fuel requirement will not be the same because the engine is not under the same load.

The TFi module allows you to tune the fuel injection much the same way you jet a carburetor:

The green “pot” functions like the fuel mixture screw and pilot jet on a carburetor to adjust light throttle operation through highway cruising and steady throttle.

The yellow “pot” functions like an accelerator pump on a carburetor. It adds fuel as the throttle is opened.

The red “pot” functions like a main jet on a carburetor to add fuel on top end.

The RPM “pot” adjusts at what R.P.M. the green and yellow fuel addition stops and the red fuel setting takes over.

The TFi module includes Scotchlock connectors which allow you to quickly and easily splice into your stock wiring harness.


For more information please read the FAQs by clicking on the link below.
Techlusion TFi FAQS

More Information




FI-1027ST TFI Electronic Jet Kit-Plug and Play
2000-2003 Aprilia RSV 
 2001-2004 Aprilia Falco;
 2003-2005 Tuono
(wire harness included)

Item: FI-1027ST
MSRP: $245.00  Price: $196.00

Harley Davidson



FI-1340ST TFI Electronic Fuel Injection Module-Plug and Play
2006 Harley Davidson Dyna Models

Item: FI-1340ST
MSRP: $239.00  Price: $191.20

02 Sensor Bypass

OX-001 O2 Sensor Bypass
1998-2013 Most Hondas
Item: OX-001
MSRP: $15.00  Price: $12.00

OX-002 Sensor Bypass
2006-2013 European Kawasaki

Item: OX-002
MSRP: $15.00  Price: $12.00
OX-005 Sensor Bypass
2004-2013 Eur. Honda/Suzuki
Item: OX-005
MSRP: $15.00  Price: $12.00
OX-007 Sensor Bypass
2007-2013 Suzuki Bandit
Item: OX-007
MSRP: $15.00  Price: $12.00
Item: BMW-02-02
MSRP: $15.00  Price: $12.00





FI-2057ST TFI Fuel Injection Module-Plug and Play
2009-2013 Suzuki Boulevard M50/C50
Item: FI-2057ST
MSRP: $245.00 Price: $196.00

The fourth potentiometer is critical to getting the best tune for your bike.



With today’s ever-growing number of applications and bolt on performance products the need for fuel injection control is very important. The performance barriers of yesterday are the baseline for improvement today.  With all the thousands of performance combinations that are available to the public there is a growing demand for more flexible fuel injection controllers.

One of the key features of the TFI over the rest is the FOURTH POT adjustability. This feature allows for many different engine combinations to be tuned properly at certain RPM’s. 
For example:  Increasing displacement and camshaft profile changes the engines power curve thus changing the need for fuel at a certain RPM.  Here is where the FOURTH POT becomes a necessity.  Without this feature the tuner is confined to adjusting fuel on a stock power curve with no room for adjustment at a certain RPM.
So why spend your money for stock adjustability when performance is what you want?

Dobeck Performance demonstrates what our competition doesn't want you to know.

You are looking at a second, and fourth gear roll-on of a stock V-rod. Fully warmed up. Notice that not only is the horsepower different but that the air-fuel graph is also different. Our competition would hope that you don't know this. Because they have RPM based technology. This means both runs are made with 100% throttle and both move through the same RPM range. Tradition map style adjustments can optimize either second or fourth, but not both.

You are forever trying to get the best of both worlds. But as you can see there is a different load placed on the engine in 2nd and 4th due to torque multiplication. The load sensing technology of the TFI adds the proper fuel to both second and fourth gear. Flattening out your fuel delivery curve.

Notice how flat the AIR-FUEL RATIO graph is above. The TFI is reading the different fuel demands that the bike needs in different gears. This is an electronic jetkit(r) as jetkits of the past they modified jet needles, needle jets, slide speed, etc. to flatten out the fuel delivery curve. When you change the main jet you change the fuel from 1st through 6th gear. When you raise the needle up  you richen up the acceleration fuel through all engine loads. Dobeck Performance has achieved the ability to interface against the stock multidimensional maps to give you carburetor tuning logic.


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