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Genesis LED Clusters

By Custom Dynamics®
The Best LEDs On the Market Today Backed By the Best Warranty.

Lifetime Manufacture Warranty Against LED Failure!!!

Non DOT Approved

1.0" Choice of: 1156/1157/Hardwire Base

1.25":  Choice of: 1156/1157/Hardwire Base

1.8": Choice of 1156/1157/Hardwire/7507/
BAZ15D-3 Base

These LED Clusters are available in five different configurations:

Hardwire version are 3 wire - low, high, ground - can be used as single or dual intensity

1156 are single intensity; 1157 are dual intensity

7507 are single intensity; BAZ15D-3 are dual intensity

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LED Colors

Single Colors



Moon Shinez

Dual Colors

Dynamic Clusters2™

Dynamic Ringz



1" Diameter Replacement Cluster
Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here
16 LEDS--comes in Amber or Red.
(Select Configuration After Adding to Cart)

Price: $19.99 ea
1.25" Diameter Replacement Cluster
Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here
24 LEDS--comes in Amber or Red.
(Select Configuration After Adding to Cart)

Price: $21.99 ea
1.80" Diameter Replacement Cluster
Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here
48 LEDS--comes in Amber, Red, Amber/White Dynamic Ringz, White (White 1157 is for Turn Signal Use Only)
(Select Configuration After Adding to Cart)

Price: $24.99 ea
Eclipze3® 1.80" Diameter Replacement Cluster - Amber 1157
Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here
48 LEDS Amber 1157

Item: GEN-18-A-1157E3
Price: $31.99 ea


Direct Base LED Cluster

Lifetime Manufacture Warranty Against LED Failure!!!

Dual Intensity; 1157 Base
2" Diameter, 1 3/4" Overall Length, 1 1/8" Base Length
48 Genesis LEDs

Partial List of Bikes that Direct Base will Fit (Please send us an email to add your fitment)

Aprilia BMW Buell Ducati Honda
'02 Mille R
'04 Tuono
'03 RSVR, Haga Replica


 '00 R1150GS
'01 R1150GS
'99 1100SA
'96 R/1100 GS
'98 R1100R
'03 F650GS
'76 R90/6
(requires reflector to be ground down)


'03 XB9S Lightning
'96 S1
'03 Firebolt XB9R
'04 Firebolt XB12R


'01 Monster S4
'75 860GT
'01 Monster
'02 Monster 750Sie

'03 Monster M1000Sie


'83 GL 1100A
'81 CM400C
'83 C70
'75 CB400F SuperSport
'01 Shadow 1100
'03 Shadow Spirit 750
'78 CX500
'98 Shadow Spirit VT1100C
'72CL450 K5 Scrambler
'88 NC24 (minor modification to edge of bulb)
’83 CB1000 Custom
'00 Shadow Sabre 1100C
All VTX1300C
Indian Kawasaki Suzuki Triumph Yamaha
'02 Spirit

'93 KLR 650
'03 Vulcan VN1600
'04 Drifter
'05 Nomad 1600

'02 Intruder 800
'01 GSX-R 600
'01 Hayabusa (slight mod. to tailight housing for clearance)
'03 Texas Fairings on a  Hayabusa
'99 Thunderbird Sport
'00 Legend TT
'03 Bonneville
'10 Scrambler
'03 YZF600R
Direct Base LED Cluster
Item: GEN-20-R-1157
Price: $32.95 ea

Your stock rear turn signals are just that - turn signals. You can add a controller to convert them to run/brake or turn OR for a few more dollars you can upgrade them to a super bright low current

draw all LED solution that will perform run/brake AND turn functions simultaneously!


Shown Using Turn and Brake, can also be Wired as Run, Turn and Brake

Dynamic Clusters2  are a multi-color LED Clusters used for rear turn signal applications. The clusters contains 48 super bright LEDs. The inner ring contains 24 Amber LEDS while all 24 outter LEDs are dual intensity Red. The Amber LEDs are connected to a  base while the dual intensity Red LEDs are connected to 3' wire pigtails.  These clusters will fit all  most metric cruiser turn signals including Honda VTX, Yamaha V-Star/Road Star, Kawasaki Mean Streak/Vulcan/Drifter, or any other turn signal that has room for a 2.0" diameter cluster.

These clusters can be wired as: Red low intensity Running light, Red High Intensity Brake Light, and Amber High Intensity Turn Signals, this allows your rear turn signals to be converted from simple turn signals to Dynamic running, brake, and turns signals, all in one unit!!! Installation is very simple, just plug the 1156 or 7507 base to the stock turn signal housing receptacle, run the orange running light wire and the red brake light wires through the stock turn signal steams back to the taillight, connect the orange wire  to the stock running light and the red wire to the stock brake light wire with the supplied quick splice connectors. The clusters can be secured into the stock housing with epoxy or hot glue.

Dynamic Clusters can be used with  Amber, Clear or Smoked Lenses, check out our lenses here. The Red LEDs are so powerful they will shine Red though most stock Amber lenses, however a more dynamic effect can be achieved with smoked or clear lenses.

Dynamic Clusters have a Lifetime warranty.

Dynamic Clusters are NOT Dot approved, for off road or show use only.

A load equalizer may be needed to slow down turn signal flash rate.

For HD and Yamaha Cruisers Dynamic Clusters, Click Here

Installation Instructions Dynamic Clusters2™

Dynamic Cluster LED Turn Signals - 1156 Base
Universal 1.8" Dynamic Cluster
Item: GEN180AR2-1156
Price: $89.95 pair
Dynamic Cluster LED Turn Signals - Hardwire
Universal 1.8" Dynamic Cluster
Item: GEN180AR2
Price: $89.95 pair
2.0" Dynamic Cluster LED Turn Signals with 1156 base

Item: GEN200-AR2-1156
 Price: $89.95 pair
2.0" Dynamic Cluster LED Turn Signals with 7507 base

Item: GEN200-AR2-7507
Price: $89.95 pair

3157 LED Bulbs

These bulbs all feature our celebrated exclusive patented maximum brightness hyperformance dual element control circuitry that uses ALL L.E.D.s for both Brake/Turn and Tail.  All LEDs are full bright for brake/turn and All LEDs are 1/3 bright for tail for maximum brightness, visibility, coverage, spread, illumination, performance, and safety.  Don’t be fooled by false claims of others who use some LEDs for brake/turn and some for tail.  They are in fact inferior to ours.  Not only do we use ALL LEDs for both operation modes, our LEDs are much brighter and have a wider viewing angle.  Unlike the knockoffs, ours are designed to maintain their brightness for the life of the bulb.

NON DOT Approved

3157 Bulbs
(Select Color After Adding to Cart)

Item: 3157-H
Price: $16.95 each

Hyper Bright 194 Bulbs


Engineered for the distinguished user who wants only the finest quality custom lighting available on the market today.



Exclusive Hyperformance TM control circuitry with pending patent provides for proper operation in all applications.  They work no matter which way you plug them in too.

Professional Grade Quality

NON DOT Approved


4-LED Replacement Bulbs

Item: 194-H
Amber Price$12.95 each
Amber Price$15.95 each

Individual LEDs


 These 5 mm T-1 3/4 LED are typically used in custom taillight and turn signal applications. LEDs are water clear when off and super bright when illuminated. These are the same LEDs used in many of our high end LED taillights, turn signals and LED Clusters.

LED Color

MCD Rating (min-typical)

Forward Voltage

Viewing Angle

















LEDs 101 Reference Material

LED Resistor Calculators


Item: LC503R
 Price: $0.50 ea
Amber LED

Item: LC503A
Introductory Price: $0.50 ea
Green LED

Item: LC503G
Price: $0.80 ea
White LED

Item: LC503W
Price: $0.80 ea


When you need a tiny "spot" of light to do the job, there is no better way to accomplish it than with our Micro Star LED kits. Available in Red, Amber, Blue, White, and Green they can provide a variety of effects from accent lighting to indirect illumination. They can be used anywhere you have room to drill a 1/4" hole, and a 12v DC power source. The amperage draw is so low you could install hundreds of these lights with almost no draw on your current electrical system.

Kit Includes:
1 - LED
1- Nylon Bezel
1 - Resistor
1 - 1/8" x 1" heat-shrink tube
1 – ¼" x 1-1/4" heat-shrink tube
Tools Needed:
Solder Iron
Heat Gun

Blue Micro-Star LED Kit

Item: 03522
MSRP: $9.95  Price: $9.45 pair

Green Micro-Star LED Kit

Item: 03523
MSRP: $9.95  Price: $9.45 pair

White Micro-Star LED Kit

Item: 03524
MSRP: $9.95  Price: $9.45 pair

Amber Micro-Star LED Kit

Item: 03520
MSRP: $8.95  Price: $7.95 pair

Orange Micro-Star LED Kit

Item: 03526
MSRP: $9.95  Price: $9.45 pair

Red Micro-Star LED Kit

Item: 03521
MSRP: $9.95  Price: $9.45 pair


Incandescent Bulbs

Try our  silver coated amber bulbs.  These bulbs give your
turn signals the clear/silver look and still shine amber when on.  

With Amber Bulbs


With Chrome bulbs

Please Note, The chrome coating will reduce the light output of the bulb, we recommend these for off-road or show use only!

Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here

Amber Chrome Tip 3 Pin Bulbs
Used on '04 & New Yamaha Cruisers  Front Turn Signals
 NON DOT Approved
Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here
Item: BAZ15D3CT
Price: $6.95 each

 Amber Incandescent Bulbs - 1156
2 Bulbs per pack.

Item: AB1156
MSRP: $3.99  Price: $3.00 pair

 Amber  Incandescent Bulbs - 1157
2 Bulbs per pack. 

Item: AB1157
MSRP: $3.99  Price: $3.00 pair

Red Incandescent Bulb - Wedge
1 Bulbs per pack (3157 Base)

MSRP: $3.99  Price: $3.67 each


Natural Red Incandescent Bulbs - 1157
 These bulbs are natural red glass color.
Will not fade.
Item: NR1157
MSRP: $4.99  Price: $2.95 Each


Red Incandescent Bulbs - 1156
1 Bulbs per pack. These bulbs are natural red glass color.
Will not fade.
Item: NR1156
MSRP: $4.99  Price: $2.95 each


Clear Incandescent Bulbs - 1156
1 Bulbs per pack.
Item: WB1156
MSRP: $2.99  Price: $1.95 each


Clear Incandescent Bulbs - 1157
1 Bulbs per pack.
Item: WB1157
MSRP: $2.99  Price: $1.95 each

Super White Incandescent Bulbs - 7507
 Wattage - 27W
Bulb Type - 7507
Need Help Identifying your bulb type, click here
Item: SW7507
MSRP: $5.99  Price: $2.95 EACH




PIAA Bulbs

NON DOT Approved

Just as the name implies this bulb is Xtreme! Utilizing PIAA’s advanced technology in producing the highest quality lights, these 4000k bulbs provide 110 watts of performance from only a 55-watt bulb! Which means less draw on your battery while still getting the brilliant white light to see those night obstacles and road signs long before a normal halogen bulb

PIAA Xtreme White Plus H7 Bulb (ea)
Fits Honda Gold Wing GL1800 or other H7 Applications

Item: 2220
MSRP:  $49.99  Price: $44.99 ea



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