2.25" LED Flush Mount Circles

Kit includes one 48 LED cluster, 2.25" diameter chrome bezel, three lens colors (red/amber/clear), mounting harware and template. This assembly can be used as a flush mount when the bezel is mounted on the outside of the fender or saddle bags. The bucket would then screw in from the back with only a hole saw needed to make the hole, no sanding, no clear coating, just a clean bezel in the circle shape.They can also be mounted on the outside of the fender with longer studs (included) to add a unique detail to your bags or fender. Available with your choice of Red, Amber, White, Amber/White, or Amber/Red LEDs. Lifetime warranty against LED failure. 

In stock

48 5mm LEDS Per Unit

2.25" Chrome Bezel Diameter

Choice of White, Amber, Red, Amber/White or Amber/Red LEDs

Includes Amber, Red and Clear Lens

Lifetime LED Warranty



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