37mm Amber/White LED Fork Wrap-Arounds™ for H-D™

Billet Fork Wrap-Around™ Turn Signals for 37mm forks with 30 Amber/White LEDs per unit. 15 White LEDs function as a running light and 15 Amber LEDs function as the turn signal. When a turn signal is activated, the White LEDs turn completely off for the entire turn signal cycle providing greater visibility to the amber turn signal. Made from T06061 Billet Aluminum. Available in Black Annodized or Chrome Finish with Smoke Lens. Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure. Sold Pair. U.S. Patent US 8,876,331 B2; US 8,192,061 B2; US D605,345 S; US D611,177 S; US D611,178 S; US D611,187 S

In stock

White DRL Running Light LEDs

Amber Turn Signal LEDs

Black Anodized or Chrome Finish

T06061 Billet Aluminum

Lifetime LED Warranty



H-D™: 500 & 750 Street®

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