Amber LED Brightside™ for Newer Version Front Fender Styles on Can Am Spyder®

Custom Dynamics® Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ replace the non-functioning side marker reflector on your Spyder® with a full function LED running light. Each Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ feature 16 Super Bright Genesis® Series LEDs for unmatched performance and years of reliable service. Combine BRIGHTSIDES with the Custom Dynamics® Fender TIPS NS which will convert your BRIGHTSIDES to also become a turn signal as well as running light. Amber BRIGHTSIDES™ are a direct fitment replacement for your Spyder® side marker reflector, and can be installed in just minutes without any special skills or tools required. Unit comes complete with everything needed for a Quick, Convenient, Safe and Secure™ installation. So increase your chances of being seen, and decrease you chances of being hit broadside, with Custom Dynamics® BRIGHTSIDES™. Lifetime Warranty against LED Failure. Sold as a Pair.

Fits 2013-2016 RS-S, ST-S, ST-Limited, 2013 -2017 RT-S, RT-Limited, 2015-2017 F3-S, F3-T, F3-Limited

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In stock

This product contains recommended 3M Adhesive Promoter and must be shipped Best Method or UPS Ground. If alternate shipping method is selected, 3M Adhesive Promoter will be removed from package contents.

Replaces stock Amber Reflector

16 Amber Genesis® LEDs per Unit

Running Light Only

Use Custom Dynamics® Fender TIPS NS Kit for Run/Turn

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold as a Pair


2013-2016 RS-S, ST-S, ST-Limited, 2013 -2017 RT-S, RT-Limited, 2015-2017 F3-S, F3-T, F3-Limited

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Combine BRIGHTSIDES with the Custom Dynamics® Fender TIPS Kit and convert your BRIGHTSIDES into a turn signal as well as running light. 

Package Contents

Brightsides™ Fender Tip Lights (pair)
Posi-Tap™ Connectors (4)
3M Promoter Ampule (1)
4" Black Tie-Wraps (8)
Tie-Wrap Holders (4)

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