Billet Bullet LED Turn Signals & Tail Lights


Billet aluminum bullet housings with a Chrome or Black anodized finish. Built with your choice of 48 LED clusters and a clear lens. Each unit has a hollow 5/16 - 20 mounting stud which the wires feed through. Each unit measures 3.125" Long x 2.25" Diameter. Lifetime warranty against LED failure. Sold Pair. 

Billet Bullet Clear Replacement Lenses available for purchase separately.

Use with Tube Clamps for secure mounting.

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Chrome or Black Anodized Finish

T6061 Billet Aluminum

3.125" Long x 2.25" Diameter

5/16 - 20 mounting stud

Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold as a Pair


  • Dynamic Cluster™ Amber/Red Dual Color (4-Wire) 24 center Amber LEDs function as the turn signal, outer ring of 24 Red LEDs function as a running light & brake light. Dual Color Amber/Red are NOT compatible with our SMART Triple Play® or any Run/Brake/Turn module.
  • Dynamic Ringz™ Amber/White Dual Color (3-Wire) Outer ring of 24 White LEDs function as a running light, 24 center Amber LEDs function as the turn signal. When a turn signal is activated the White LEDs turn completely off for the entire turn signal cycle providing greater visibility to the amber turn signal
  • Amber, Red, White (3-Wire) Dual Intensity


Billet Bullet Clear Replacement Lenses available for purchase separately

Use with Tube Clamps for secure mounting

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