Dual Color TruFLEX®


Dual Color TruFLEX® is a compact flexible LED lighting strip with surface mount dual color Amber/Red LEDs spaced only 1mm apart encased in a flexable, UV resistant Smoked tubing. Dual Color TruFLEX® is a 3 wire system (ground, red LED power, amber LED power); Select a dual converter to wire unit as run, brake and turn. Unique facet design increases viewing angle to 120 degrees. Each strip is 100% sealed with UV stable military grade RTV and includes 36" stranded copper 26 gauge wire. Comes pre-taped with 3M™ automotive grade tape for mounting on back surface. Operates on 9-14 VDC. Every 5 LEDs draw approximately 25mA. Available in a variety of lengths. Dimensions: 0.34" Wide X 0.30" High. Lifetime warranty against LED failure, water damage and UV damage. Typical applications would require the use of two Dual Color TruFLEX®, one for the left and the other for the right. Sold Each.

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Dimensions: 0.34" W X 0.30" H

3 wire system (Red Power, Amber Power, Ground)

Use Dual Converter for Run/Brake/Turn

LEDs Spaced 1mm apart 

120 Degree Viewing Angle

Every 5 LEDs draw~ 25mA

Smoke Lens

36" Stranded Copper 26-Gauge Wire

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold Each


12VDC systems with a negative ground.

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