GEN-200-AW-1157™ Amber/White Dynamic Ringz™ Front 1157 Bullet Style LED Inserts


Front LED turn signal OEM replacement made with 48 5mm LEDs per unit. 1157 pigtail bulb base allows for plug and play installation with run and turn signal function! Our popular Dynamic Ringz™ allows the outer ring of 24 white LEDs to function as a running light and 24 center amber LEDs to function as the turn signal. When a turn signal is activated the White LEDs turn completely off for the entire turn signal cycle providing greater visibility to the amber turn signal. Must be used with a clear or smoked New Bullet style lens that fits the stock housing (sold separately). BCM Compliant. Lifetime Warranty against LED failure. Sold as a Pair.

Plug & Play on Harley-Davidson® US Models with front 1157 dual contact bases and OEM Bullet Style lens.  View Additional Dynamic Ringz™ Fitments.

Does not Fit 2016 - 2018 CVO™ Models as they use JAE base turn signals.

Check out our premium ProBEAM® Amber/White Dynamic Ringz™ turn signals.

SMART Signal Stabilizer™ or Load Equalizer required when front or rear turn signals are converted to LED on 2013-Earlier Harley-Davidson® Sportster®, 2011-Earlier Dyna®, 2010-Earlier Softail®, 2013-Earlier Touring and Trikes and all V-Rod® models to ensure proper turn signal function and flash speed.

Amber/White Dynamic Ringz™ also available for International (HDI) Models 

In stock

48 5mm Genesis® LEDs per unit

24 White DRL LEDs

24 Amber Turn LEDs

Plug & Play Front Turn Signals

1157 Pigtail Bulb Base

BCM Compliant

SMART Signal Stabilizer™ or Load Equalizer may be required

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold as a Pair



Plug & Play for front turn signals on Harley-Davidson® US Models with 1157 dual contact bases and Bullet Style (pop-off) lens. 

2013 & Earlier Sportsters®, 2011 & Earlier Dynas®, 2010 & Earlier Softails®, 2013 & Earlier H-D™ Touring and H-D™ Trikes and all V-Rod® Models require a SMART Signal Stabilizer™ or Load Equalizer to ensure proper function and flash speed of LED Turn Signals.


H-D™ Flat Style 
H-D™ Old Bullet Style
H-D™ International Models
Yamaha Models
Honda Cruisers 
Kawasaki Models

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SMART Signal Stabilizer™ or Load Equalizer may be required to ensure proper function and flash speed of LED Turn Signals.

Bullet Ringz™ are also an OEM Bullet Style LED upgrade with 7 LEDs embedded into an outer aluminum bezel and a cluster of 24 inner LEDs built into a Chrome or Black Bezel.

Check out our ProBEAM® Amber/White Dynamic Ringz™ turn signals.

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