GoPro Mount for Road Glide®


The original GoPro Hero Road Glide® Fairing Mount fits all H-D™ Road Glide® Models including Road Glide® (FLTRX), Road Glide® Special (FLTRXS), Road Glide® Limited (FLTRK) & Road Glide® Ultra (FLTRU), Road Glide® CVO™ (FLTRXSE), and Road Glide® Ultra CVO™. The GoPro Hero Road Glide® Fairing Mount from RickRak mounts directly to the windshield trim on your Road Glide® Fairing. Simply remove the left or right side windshield trim screw and replace it with the mounting stud and rubber washer (included with mount). The camera mount screws on to the mounting stud, providing you with a secure way to use your GoPro on rides! The GoPro Hero Road Glide® Fairing Mount allows for a full range of motion: up, down, left and right! Because the mount is within reaching distance for the driver, turning the camera on and off while riding is easy. Offered in a Anodized Black finish, the mount includes custom aluminum top and RickRak installation wrench to ensure GoPro swivel base is tightened securely. GoPro and Garmin Mounts Included.

Can also be used with any GoPro style camera with GoPro Mount, Sony action cameras or any standard tri-pod mounted device.

Also available: Original Hero Mount for Batwing Fairing, 360 Batwing Fairing Mount, 360 Road Glide® Fairing Mount, Fork Mount 2014-2020 Harley-Davidson® Touring models GoPro Clamp Mount & GoPro Windshield Mount.

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