Integrated HMT LED Brake Light for Can Am Spyder® RT Models

Custom Dynamics® Run-Brake-Turn All In One LED RT HMT Brake Light unit features 18 Red run/brake Genesis® series LEDs and 18 Amber Turn Signal LEDs all in a contoured chrome housing to match your trunk! This unit fills the “void” area along the trunks top edge, the light that you should have had there in the first place. Its “high mount” design is much more noticeable for drivers behind you just like the third brake light in a car’s rear window. Pair this item with a Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher™ to Be Safe and Be Seen™! Sold as Each.


This product contains recommended 3M Adhesive Promoter and must be shipped Best Method or UPS Ground. If alternate shipping method is selected, 3M Adhesive Promoter will be removed from package contents.

18 Red Run/Brake Genesis® LEDs

18 Amber Turn Signal Genesis® LEDs

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold Each


2010-2012 RT, RT-S, RT-Limited Models

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