BMW Magic Strobes™ Brake Light Flasher


This unit can be used with LEDs or incandescent bulbs to significantly increase your visibility on the road! Riders can easily select from 10 Flash/Strobe Patterns by simply spinning the dial on the Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher™ module! This unit has a sleek design and compact dimensions: 2.25" x 1.25" x 0.5". Sealed, weather tight case. Over current and reverse wiring protection. Thermal and short circuit protection.

Although this device has been designed to significantly increase your braking visibility, flash/strobe patterns may not be street legal.


10 User Selectable Flash/Strobe Patterns

Over Current Protection

Thermal Protection

Built In Short Circuit Protection

Reverse Wiring Protection

84 Watts Max Power Rating, 12VDC

Works with LEDs & Incandescent Bulbs

Sealed, Weather Tight Case

Compact Size: 2.25" x 1.25" x 0.5"

5 Year Warranty

Sold Each


All BMW Models with single filament, 2 wire taillights (ground & power)


Pattern 0: Four Flashes then Solid  (Incandescent or LED)
Pattern 1: Four Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (Incandescent or LED)
Pattern 2: Seven Flashes then Solid (Incandescent or LED)
Pattern 3: Seven Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (Incandescent or LED)
Pattern 4: Quad Strobe, then Solid for 1 Second then Quad Strobe (LED Only)
Pattern 5: Quad Strobe, Solid for 1 Second, then Quad Strobe, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat (LED Only)
Pattern 6: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle for 3 seconds, then Solid (LED Only)
Pattern 7: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle, Repeat (LED Only)
Pattern 8: Max Strobe 4 Seconds, Solid (LED Only)
Pattern 9: Constant Max Strobe Pattern (LED Only)

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