Softail Breakout Magic Strobes™ Brake Light Flasher


Riders can easily select from 10 Flash/Strobe Patterns by simply spinning the dial on the Magic Strobes Brake Light Flasher™ module! This unit must be used with rear LEDs only, no incandescents! It has a sleek design and compact dimensions: 4.2" x 1.4" x 0.6". It has a built in SMART function that will disable the strobe/flashing on turn signals if simultaneously braking and turning.  

Although this device has been designed to significantly increase your braking visibility, flash/strobe patterns may not be street legalUS Patent 9,566,902 B1

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10 User Selectable Flash/Strobe Patterns

Over Current Protection

Thermal Protection

Built In Short Circuit Protection

Reverse Wiring Protection

84 Watts Max Power Rating, 12VDC

Works with LEDs ONLY

Sealed, Weather Tight Case

Compact Size: 4.2" x 1.4" x 0.6"

5 Year Warranty

US Patent 9,566,902 B1

Sold Each


Plug and Play on '11-'13 Blackline®, '12-'17 Slim®, '16-'17 Slim-S®, '13-'17 US Model Breakout®, and '16-'17 CVO Pro Street Breakout.


Pattern 0: Four Flashes then Solid 
Pattern 1: Four Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat 
Pattern 2: Seven Flashes then Solid 
Pattern 3: Seven Flashes, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat 
Pattern 4: Quad Strobe, then Solid for 1 Second then Quad Strobe 
Pattern 5: Quad Strobe, Solid for 1 Second, then Quad Strobe, Solid for 3 Seconds, Repeat 
Pattern 6: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle for 3 seconds, then Solid 
Pattern 7: Custom LED Blaster X Cycle, Repeat 
Pattern 8: Max Strobe 4 Seconds, Solid 
Pattern 9: Constant Max Strobe Pattern 

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