MagicFLEX2® Wheel Light


MagicFLEX2® Wheel Lights contain 15 LEDs which illuminate 360 degrees around the outer edge of a round puck to project light on the wheel rim. Mounts to the inside of the front wheel brake caliper where there is a ½” clearance between the wheel and caliper. Each MagicFLEX2® Wheel Light comes with 84” color coded wire leads in high temp protective black sheathing, have a waterproof conformal coating, and are pre-taped with 3M™ adhesive tape for a durable installation. All LEDs are backed by a lifetime warranty against LED failure. Sold Each.

Available with either a chrome or black case to match the caliper.

Dimensions: 2.9” x 2.3” x .4”. 

Add one of Custom Dynamics® single color accent light remotes for added functions and to control your lights from up to 100ft away. 

Add a 3M™ Primer Ampule to increase adhesion of 3M™ double-sided tapeFor Chrome Brake Lines, add Stainless Steel Wire Loom and Chrome Zip Ties for a clean wiring job! 

Note: MagicFLEX2® White Does Not Match Original MagicFLEX® White. 

In stock

Optional 3M™ Adhesive Promoter must be shipped Best Method or UPS Ground. If alternate shipping method is selected, 3M™ Adhesive Promoter will be removed from package contents.

15 LEDs Per Unit

1/2" LED Spacing

5050 LEDs

DIMENSIONS: 2.9” X 2.3” X 0.4”


84” color coded wire leads in high temp protective black sheathing

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold Each


All Harley-Davidson® Brake Calipers (except: narrow glide front ends (Sportsters®, some Dynas®), and '06 and up V-Rods).

Also Fits Any Metric where the back side of the brake caliper is flat and there is 5/8" clearance between the caliper and wheel.  

Not compatible with Indian model. Use Custom Dynamics® MagicFLEX2® LED Wheel Kit for Indian® for front and rear wheel illumination on models with fender skirts. 

Compatible with 12VDC systems with a negative ground.


Additional MagicFLEX2® Kits and products also available.

Add a 3M™ Primer Ampule to increase adhesion of 3M™ double-sided tape

For Chrome Brake Lines, add Stainless Steel Wire Loom and Chrome Zip Ties for a clean wiring job! 

Compatible withBlack Magic™ 4 RemoteMagic™ Zone Remote or Simple On/Off remote

Accent Lights 101: A Tech's guide to accent lighting. Everything you need to know about accent lights; LED choices, what to consider when purchasing, installation and helpful tips! Custom Dynamics® technician approved!

October 26, 2017
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