Magic™ Zone III Remote Control

Custom Dynamics® Magic™ Zone wireless remote includes 2 keychain remote control units and built in fuse.This unit will allow you to control your single color LEDs in 3 different zones from up to 100 feet away! Our remote has built in short circuit protection, strobe & breathe functions, and 3 zones with an industry leading 3 Year Warranty!

Available in Bluetooth compatible option which allows remote functions to be controlled by your Smart Phone. Compatible with iPhone 4S and above equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or Android Phones Versions 4.3 and above with Bluetooth 4.0                                 

In stock

Includes 2 Key Fobs

3 Year Warranty


Works with Custom Dynamics® Single Color LEDs

Compatible with 12VDC systems with a negative ground


  • Breathe - The remote control slowly decreases the LEDs from full brightness down to dim then slowly increases the LED intensity back to full brightness and then repeats. With this function the LEDs will appear to be "breathing". Magic Zone Remote Control has 3 speeds of the breathe pattern. 
  • Strobe - By far the wildest strobe patterns on the market. This remote control has 3 different strobe patterns that will definitely make your vehicle stand out.
  • On/Off - simply turn your LEDs on and off up to 100ft away 
  • Zones - Turn on any or all 3 Zones
  • Rotate Zones - Three different speeds of zone rotations. Lights will auto rotate between three zones at selected speed
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