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Shane Watson

Aug 11, 2022

Absolutely the best aftermarket lighting option around, Well made, easy installs, I have over $2000 in CD lights one my bike and have only had to contact customer service 1 time, even then I had a full replacement light in a couple days.

Scott Laughlin

Aug 08, 2022

Great customer service, and helpful tech support. Everyone I spoke to had impressive product knowledge. I had the pleasure of working with Leigh Ann in Customer Service, and Jacob in Tech Support. The saddlebag lights I purchased for my 2019 Indian Roadmaster caused a brake light flicker. I sent pictures/video to troubleshoot, and they spent a lot of time working with me. Adding a Dynamic Load Isolator resolved the issue, and the lighting looks great! I highly recommend working with Custom Dynamics!

paul hemby

Aug 04, 2022

Every business needs a Brad!!!!!! I was on the fence about a couple items and had the pleasure of talking to Brad. What a great C.S.R. polite energetic and very knowledgable about the protects he sells.

paul hemby

Aug 03, 2022

Every business needs a Matt!!!!!! I was on the fence about a couple items and had the pleasure of talking to Matt. What a great C.S.R. polite energetic and very knowledgable about the protects he sells.

Wayne Smith

Jul 28, 2022

Javier Garces

Jul 25, 2022

Awesome company to deal with! Everything about them is TOPNOTCH. Customer service, technical support, and sales. I have purchase multiple lighting upgrades for my Indian Scout Bobber and my Indian Chieftain and these guys have gone above and beyond for me… ex. There was an item that was made for Indian motorcycle but not for my 2022 Chieftain, after doing some YouTube research and speaking with one of their technicians, he was able to offer solutions and was able to make this item work for my motorcycle and particular scenario… again TOPNOTCH company!

Irving concepcion

Jul 21, 2022

I have been buying custom dynamics lights for my Harley ultra limited for a year now and these are the best and the brightest. Customer service is amazing and they respond very quickly. Highly recommend this company for lighting

Jay Cole

Jul 20, 2022


Jordan Stearns

Jul 15, 2022

I have used multiple items from Custom Dynamics and they by far are the best company for your motorcycle lighting needs. You can tell the quality difference between their lights and the competitions. They typically have more LEDs spaced closer together than the other companies so the lights appear more solid red, white, or amber. And to top it off, they have lifetime warranties on their products, they have an amazing technical support and customer care team that are very quick to help troubleshoot issues or answer questions. I won't put another company's lights on my bikes and will be converting all my factory lighting over to the Custom Dynamics as well as adding additional lighting.

Al DeSouza Sr.

Jul 14, 2022

Great company to deal with. Ordered over phone they were very knowledgeable and friendly shipped right away east install and directions easy to follow. Very bright