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Mark Tennant

Mar 26, 2020

I have been buying all my aftermarket lighting from Custom Dynamics for a long time, and have been extremely pleased and satisfied with every purchase. Their products are head and shoulders above anything else I've seen, and the one time I had a problem, their customer service straightened it out within 5 minutes of my call. The solution was at my house the next day! No other lighting products will EVER grace my scoot! Thank you, Custom Dynamics!


Mar 23, 2020

Bought a pair of truflex II led strips. These lights are very bright. So far the tap they came with is holding up fine. one strip didn’t work properly so I called custom dynamics and they responded quickly and exchange was super easy. Good product great customer service. Can’t beat that.

Daniel Protz

Mar 16, 2020

I had a vision and while at the service department of the local Harley Davidson dealership I ordered, from the service rep, the filler trim piece to fill between the saddlebags/fender and wrap underneath my fender. In addition the ProBEAM® LED Panels for Harley-Davidson® CVO™ models and all the cables and things necessary to make them work. The trim had to be painted and all the parts came in. I went to install and it was a night mare. I was rushing to install before a long road trip and 2 days before I left I contacted customer service with Custom Dynamics. She was very helpful and got me in touch with a technician who also was very helpful. I sent pictures of what I had. We decided what I didn't need from HD and what I did need from CD and the parts were shipped the same day overnight. I received the cables, made the modifications we agreed on, installed and success. Lesson learned, in the future I am going to call, describe what I have and what I want and order direct. Great products, incredible service.

stan yuhas

Mar 15, 2020

Installed the PRO-Beam front turn signal and the Five bar led tail light. Fantastic lighting from both. If you want to be seen, front or back these will do the job. Great service from Custom Dynamics. Stan Yuhas

Brian Callahan

Mar 14, 2020

I stalled the Saddlebag LED latch lights and the interior saddlebag lights this past weekend on my 2017 RG. Installation was a breeze and i had both installed in about 1 hours. Really impressed with how much lights is emitted from the saddlebag lights.. its all about being seen in my opinion. The interior saddlebag lights work great and make finding things easier without having to use a flashlight. I would recommend both items to everyone. Brian C. Riverside CA.

Bill Starr

Mar 12, 2020

I installed the Bluetooth magical wizard it was really easy to hook up and very very bright. As of right now, the thing that has me mad is the Bluetooth app. The instructions tell you to install the Custom Dynamics app CCM-6BT, as of right now they do not have that one available, they have CMM-5BT. So write now the money I spent on the Bluetooth is useless, as of right now it does the same something and the remote. Hopefully, they get this fixed real soon


Mar 10, 2020

Numerous upgrades thanks to custom Dynamics! Everything from my GEN-200-RR2-1157 to my new ProBEAM Dynamic Strips. All look great & function exceptionally well! Great manufacturing, packing and shipping. The personal touch with inspection prior to shipping is great! I’ve only had one issue. Emailed a question to support with no response. Figured out the issue. Other than that 100% satisfied! Looking forward to see what comes out next! Ron T.

Teri Osler

Mar 07, 2020

I wish I could give more stars! This company has the best Customer Service I have ever experienced! The products are super and great prices. My LED lights which I purchased two years ago started to fail. Literally within 15 minutes, I had received an email stating that the replacement was being shipped that day! No charge for shipping as well, and I live outside of the U.S.! They really do understand and act on customer service excellence!

Noel Wellborn

Mar 03, 2020

I love this company there products are worth every penny. They back up the warranty 100%. The lights are amazing and every one asks where they came from. I have put them on 3 bikes my truck and now my RV. You can not get a better light. Believe me I’ve tried several others—— they don’t last.

Steve Huber

Mar 01, 2020

Great service and quality...very bright and easy installation