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Alan Brody

Nov 14, 2019

Love the product. Great service


Nov 12, 2019

I have gotten a lot of help instantley from the Customer Service. Especially for whom is in charge. They explain in detail and send video and are eager to help not just doing what they are supposed to do but with ambition to really help and make sure the problem is solved. I think this all due to Claire who is in chagre of the Customer Service, who also takes customer's problems and solves with amazing knowledge and skills. I am very impressed with the company not only because they sell excellent led products but because of the help you can get from the staff members. I have never seen this kind of ambition from other companies .

Glen Maher

Nov 11, 2019

Excellent response and service, definitely a five star operation, Glen from Downunder


Oct 28, 2019

Professional, kind, respectful - A great company honoring the product they sale! Quick response, easy communication with any employee I contacted concerning my warranty item. The word of mouth amongst motorcycle riders goes a long way - as you already know by your high ratings people always tell of the good products and the amazing dealings with you. Thank you and your staff for taking care of my request as you do with all customer's I am sure! I will continue to purchase products from Custom Dynamics !!

Ray Delgado

Oct 26, 2019

The Red Plasma Rods are EPIC, nothing short of - if there was an improvement to be made, it would be to make the rods flexible to follow the curvature of my fender while adhering and applying to Custom Extended Bags that maintain a nice "swooping" effect in the tail end (ie, Bad Dad of many). Otherwise, OUTSTANDING and Highly satisfied providing a paramount safety feature!

Kent Miller

Oct 25, 2019

A great company that produces great products and services. I have purchased two different versions of a tail light modulator from Custom Dynamics for my 2015 Indian Chieftain Motorcycle. The newest one, bought in March 2019, called the Smart Triple Play, is an upgraded version of my earlier model. The modulator produces various taillight flashing patterns when the rider applies the brakes to alert drivers approaching the bike from the rear. I am sure this safety feature has protected me from rear-end collisions on more than one occasion in Orlando Florida where the vehicle traffic is extremely heavy at times. I recently had a minor issue with my modulator due to a loose wire connector connected to my left turn signal. My Indian mechanics were not fully familiar with the Custom Dynamics products, so I called the company and reached Erin, a Customer Service Representative who was able to take a service order on the spot. Erin connected my mechanic to the the Custom Dynamics technicians, who quickly explained how to troubleshoot the problem and quickly had my bike fully up and running again the same day. I have always been impressed with their lighting products but was completely blown away by their outstanding customer service, expertise and quick and effective resolution of my problem.


Oct 23, 2019


Gary Fulmer

Oct 21, 2019

Mark Cawelti

Oct 17, 2019

Erin was awesome. Every question I asked he answered, and I asked alot of questions, this went on for 2 days because I had to make sure I was buying the right products. Iam definitely going to be buying more LED lighting in the future, and doing it from Custom Dynamics.


Oct 11, 2019

A top notch company Cant believe how easy they made getting a warranty situation taken care of Very quick service