Shortee Antenna for Can-Am Spyder®

Shortee Antennas are the perfect replacement for those too long, bothersome stock antennas. These antennas work exceptionally well for AM, FM, and CD reception. The antennas measure 15” long with a Power Coil™ to help provide increased overall length and power, while allowing a sleep low profile look to really clean up the rear end of your bike. These shortee’s will not get caught in your overhear door, bike cover, or on low branches while you ride. They also will not whip back and hit you or your passenger, adding a real safety factor as well. Sold each.

Fits 2010-2017 RT, RT-S and RT-Limited.

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In stock

AM, FM, CB Reception

Replacement for Stock Antenna

15" Long with Powercoil™

Sold Each


2010-2017 RT, RT-S and RT-Limited

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