Stingerz® Complete Spyder Kit

Flexible LED accent light pre-taped on all three sides which allows the light to be mounted on the back surface or either side surface. Compatible with any 10-14VDC or AC system. LED's are spaced 1 cm apart and provide 120 degree viewing angle for an even light pattern. Each light comes with 48" leads wrapped in a black sheathing for simple quick installation. Stingerz® can be cut every 3 LED's. Lifetime Warranty against LED failure. 100% Sealed & Waterproof.

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This product contains recommended 3M Adhesive Promoter and must be shipped Best Method or UPS Ground. If alternate shipping method is selected, 3M Adhesive Promoter will be removed from package contents.

1 cm LED Spacing

120 Degree Viewing Angle

3mm LEDs

Cuttable Every 3 LEDs, Minimum of 6

Dimensions: 5/16" Wide X 1/2" Deep

Lifetime LED Warranty

Sold Each


2008-2016 RS, RS-S, 2013-2015 ST


3 Stingerz® 99 LED Strips

Stingerz® 69 LED Strips

Stingerz® 30 LED Strips

Stingerz® 24 LED Strips

Stingerz® 12 LED Strips

Stingerz® 9 LED Strips

Complete Installation Kit

Includes 678 LEDs Total (less than 3amp current draw)

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