Universal Smart Signal Stabilizer™ (Load Equalizer)

Universal module used to slow the turn signal flash rate to normal after installing LED Turn Signals. Does not produce heat or put a load on the system. Slimline unit with long leads for easier placement under seat. Only 1 module needed per bike. Can be used with 4 way hazards (Unlike load equalizers that use resistors). Alarm compatible with 5 Year manufacture warranty. Sealed, weather tight case. Dimensions: 4.2" x 0.6" x 1.4"

Compatible with V-Rod models (except Muscle) and Softail Rocker. Also fits all Metrics with Thermal or Electronic Flasher (except CAN BUS)


Made in the USA
Simple Posi-Tap Installation
100% Waterproof
5 Year Warranty
Adjustable Normal and Max Settings
Minimum RF Noise
Spread Spectrum Technology
Alarm Compatible
No Load, Low Heat, Recycles 90% of Power


All Metrics with Thermal or Electronic Flasher (except CAN BUS)

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