Water Tight CCM-6 Magical Wizards™ Bluetooth Remote Control


Includes a completely sealed CCM-6 brain box with 2 keychain remote control units (fobs) and built in 7.5amp fuse. This unit is waterproof and will allow you to control your Magical Wizards™ LEDs from up to 100 feet away with built in short circuit protection and an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Remote has all standard functions including 7 different pre-programmed colors, 3 strobing patterns, 3 speeds of breathing, 3 speeds of color morphing, thousands of custom color choices and the ability to color morph while strobing.

Additional Bluetooth features available through downloadable app include:

Brake Alert to change all Magical Wizards™ to solid red color when brake is activated, 7 Preset Functions of Solid Color Mode, Strobe Mode, Breathe Mode, Color Morph Mode, Random Color Flash Mode, Speed Level Adjustment, & Intensity Level Adjustment, and ability to adjust Color, Speed, and Intensity in any combination with easy to use app sliders. Battery Status Meter allows you to monitor battery voltage. Designate Custom Colors through the Color Mixer and Create your own Custom Sequence

Compatible with iPhone 4S and above equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android Phones Versions 4.3 and above with Bluetooth 4.0

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

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