Yamaha Raider 41mm Amber LED TruWRAPZ®

Easy to install, LED fork wrap around with Amber LEDs that are encased in a flexible smoked, amber, or clear tubing. Includes 35 LEDs per side. The ends connect with a zip tie like connection and all units come pre-taped with 3M™ tape for added security. Product includes 6 Posi-Taps™ for simple tap-in installation, Stainless Steel Wire Loom and Chrome Tie Wraps for a professional & clean installation. Dimensions: 0.34" Wide X 0.30" High. Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure. Sold as a Pair.

Amber LEDs will function as a running light and full contrast turn signal with the supplied harness. In order to have function as ONLY a running light or turn signal simply do not use the supplied harness and attach directly to the stock wiring on bike to pick up desired function.

Fits 2008-2014 Yamaha Raider (Does Not fit 2015 Raider & Newer)

View Additional Fork Wrap Around Fitments.

If replacing stock turn signal bulbs, SMART Signal Stabilizer™/ Load Equalizer is required if bike is NON-CANBUS.

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This product contains recommended 3M Adhesive Promoter and must be shipped Best Method or UPS Ground. If alternate shipping method is selected, 3M Adhesive Promoter will be removed from package contents.

Amber Running Light

Full Contrast Amber Turn Signal

Amber, Smoke or Clear Tube

LEDs Spaced 1 mm Apart

Dimensions: 0.34"W X 0.30"H

120 Degree Viewing Angle

Every 5 LEDs Draw ~25mA

Load Equalizer may be required




Fits 2008-2014 Yamaha Raider

(Does Not fit 2015 Raider & Newer)

How To Measure

Use a string to wrap around the fork and mark where the string touches. Using a tape measure, measure the space between the start and end of the fork in millimeters. This measurement is the circumference. To get the diameter, use a calculator and divide the circumference by 3.14. The result is the diameter of your fork.


TruWRAPZ® (pair) 
EPZ-WA Module (2) 
Black #205 Heat Shrink Tubing (2) 
3M Promoter Pack (2) 
Chrome Zip Ties (10) 
Stainless Steel Wire Loom (6') 
Wire Loom Grey Shrink Tubing (2) 
Posi-Taps (6)

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